Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Foodiepages Dec 2016 Tasting Box Review!

Hope that everyone is having a great holiday season!
I just ordered and received the December 2016 Foodiepages tasting box.
The December edition was curated by Toronto Life magazine.
During the summer, there was also another box I had managed to buy that was curated by Toronto Life- it was a BBQ box then.
Now, I do not mind too much that this is a "curated by Toronto Life" box, but it would be nice if there was someone else to curate the box.
I'm not too sure who should be the next person or "thing" to curate a box, but I am sure there are a lot of interesting people who would do it (maybe I could) ,I buy a lot of Canadian foods and local foods from Ottawa.

Now onto my unboxing of the Foodiepages Dec box:

Opening my Dec 2016 Foodiepages Box!

Opening this box, there are always paper shreds that get everywhere!

Now here are the contents of the December box!
There are quite a few full-size items, so this is quite nice!

Dec 2016 Foodiepages Box Contents!

The first item I tried from the box was Neal Brothers' Montreal Steak Spice Kettle Chips.
The bag of chips was 142 grams and you can buy these chips online for $3 and in local Ottawa stores for around $4+.
The chips were very crunchy- as expected from kettle chips. The Montreal steak spice was quite spicy. I found it more like a spicy bbq seasoning, the chips were quite salty compared to what I usually buy.
I was a bit surprised to see Neal Brothers' products in a "Canadian" food box, as I do know the Neal Brothers' were born in Canada- but most of the products I have bought have all been PRODUCTS OF THE UNITED STATES.Now I do buy a lot of the Neal Brothers' pretzels and other flavours of chips all the time and really like their honey mustard pretzels (and those are from the US also).
I do buy food from every country, but do not really think these chips should have been an item in this box. Maybe they should have found a Neal Brothers' item that is made in Canada?
Now, I know they also make some salsa, and I have never tried that.
I am going to Whole Foods this weekend and I will make sure to look at the Neal Brothers' products while there.

*Shoko Chocolates Signature Bar: This was another full size item that is 90 grams and costs $8.50.
The chocolate bar smelled amazing and looking at the bar and trying it without reading the description I would have guessed it was 50-60% cocoa and not quite dark chocolate, but not quite milk chocolate either.
It reminded me of the Dolfin and Valrhona 60% bars I buy quite often (but not in months since no place I go to carries them).
If you know anyone who likes chocolate, this would be a great bar to give to anyone!

*All Mine Caramel Cayenne Caramel Corn: The bag for this was 75 grams and I was afraid that it would be too spicy. But as soon as I opened the bag and tried some I did not find that it was overly spicy. The spice shows up more after you have eaten the caramel corn.
The bag of caramel corn was finished almost as soon as it was opened.

All Mine Caramel Cayenne Caramel Corn!

I will finish the rest of my review later this week, still need to try the rest of the items and am working on that!

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