Thursday, March 9, 2017

Mr. Pretzels very tasty new stand at Billings Bridge mall food court.

Recently, I went to Billings Bridge mall to run some errands.
I do not get to that mall as often during the winter and recently saw there was a new Mr. Pretzels stand in the food court area of the mall.
I have never heard of Mr. Pretzels, but do enjoy fresh baked pretzels and have even made my own before.
So, of course I had to get a pretzel when I saw this stand.

Usually, I always buy those "new york" style pretzels- the kind that have rock salt on the outside.
Some grocery stores in Ottawa sell that kind frozen and Swiss Pastries (RIP) used to carry those one day a week.

Mr. Pretzels!

Below is a better, more up-close view of my pretzel.
This is the Parmesan and herb pretzel. They dip that in butter before dipping the pretzel in the Parmesan powder.
The dough for this pretzel is more doughy like bread and not like those more dark brown pretzels you find at the grocery store and some bakeries.
This pretzel was quite big and was really more filling than I expected.

Mr. Pretzels close-up!
I will definitely be back to try all the other toppings they had at the stand.
I'm not too sure how many other stores they have in Ottawa, as the Mr. Pretzels website is showing mostly Montreal locations.

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