Saturday, August 21, 2010

Giant Portabella Mushrooms Invade Ottawa!

Giant Portabella mushrooms have been spotted and are invading the grocery store shelves!
Ok, maybe not invading-but these have to be the biggest mushrooms I have ever seen.
The one I bought, which was one of the smaller ones was 71/4" across and 1" height.
The size of a small dinner plate-my dinner plate was 7 1/2" and the mushroom fit exactly.
I saw another Portabella mushroom there that was over 12" in diameter and bigger than a typical dinner plate.
My sis took a pic and I am awaiting that.

The mushrooms were found at Cedars and Co grocery store on Bank St. and the price was also very good.
I paid $5.19 a lb and my mushroom was .57lb (costing $2.96).
I'm going to grill that with some hazelnut oil and stuff with goat and Parmesan cheese!
These would be great on the BBQ also.
I will surely be getting more of the Portabella mushrooms from here as they seem quite fresh too.

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