Saturday, September 11, 2010

Indian Poutine and Soda at Basmati restaurant!

I have been frequenting Basmati restaurant for a few years now and only recently got around to trying their Desi Poutine!
Basmati is an Indian restaurant located at the intersection of Somerset and Bank st, near the Independent grocery store. Usually I get the Naan wrap sandwiches that have a vegetarian or chicken option and the pizza here is worth getting too-but that is another post.
The poutine here was good and quite different. The fries were quite crisp (and may have been frozen fries as they were quite crisp and uniform in size),the gravy was what made this dish very different. There were a lot of herbs and spices and the gravy was quite spicy with just enough heat.
The cheese was mozzarella and there was supposed to be some paneer as well,but seems like none was added to my dish. Not too sure why that would be, maybe they ran out?
The portion was not very big and would be good as a light snack or else with some samosas on the side.
I'll have to say the poutine was different from what the other restaurants serve in the area.
I would get this dish again,but I do not think it would be as good for a take out item.
There are also some interesting imported sodas available in glass bottles that come from India.
Thumbs Up was the one I tried and it is like Coca Cola but seemed a bit less sweet than what we get in North America. An orange flavored soda was also for sale,but I did not get a photo of that.
Desi Poutine is $5.50 and the soda was around $2.
The website for the restaurant with their menu is located at:

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