Sunday, September 12, 2010

Baby zuchinni with crab stuffed flowers! I made this!!

Went to the Lansdowne Farmers Market a few weeks ago and one booth had some baby zuchinni with the flowers attached.
These are hard to find as most farmers grow the zuchinni to full size and the flowers eventually fall off.
The zuchinni were anywhere in size from 1" to 3" at most and very dainty looking.
I was not too sure what I wanted to do with them and only had a day at most to keep these before they start to go bad.
As soon as I got home I looked through my fridge and pantry and decided to make PANKO AND PARMESAN BREDED BABY ZUCHINNI WITH CRAB STUFFED BLOSSOMS.
It turned out very tasty and if you can find these are nice for a dinner party or a fancy meal.
Here are some pics of the zuchinni before and after:

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