Friday, September 24, 2010

Ombrella Pizzacones A New Way To Eat Pizza in Ottawa!

I've seen this small pizza shop many times when passing by Bronson Avenue,but never got around to passing by when I was hungry for pizza.
Today Finally I made a trip to try the famous Pizza Ombrella!
What is a Pizza Ombrella?
It is a type of portable pizza that originated in Italy and has the shape of an "ombrella".
This makes the pizza more portable and an interesting new way to enjoy your meal.
I had a Ombrella with the topping of pepperoni.
A basic Ombrella is made with cheese and tomato sauce and costs $6.50. Additonal toppings are .50 for a first topping and $1.00 for 2 or more toppings and there are over 20 savory options. You can also get a breakfast pizza made with scrambled eggs or a dessert pizza with hot apple filling and ice cream.
The pizza Ombrella was around 7" in diameter and the "handle" of the ombrella was around 3" in height and served as the base you hold to eat this portable meal.
The base is also filled with cheese and tomato sauce.
The top part that is flat had a lot of topping-I chose pepperoni and there was a lot of it,as well as quite a lot of cheese. The only option for cheese was mozzarella and there was a lot of it-I actually asked for less cheese as it was a lot for me.
The pizza Ombrella is baked in a special oven that takes around five minutes to make your portable snack.
The dough part of the Ombrella were already baked so these just need to be assembled.
There was also the choice of a Pizzacone, and I did not try that this time.
The Pizzacone looked a bit like an ice cream cone shape and was made of pizza dough.
I did not try the dessert option,but will go back to do that pretty soon as it does sound interesting.
Overall this was an interesting and different was to eat a pizza.
Surprisingly the pizza Ombrella was not as filling as I expected and I was still a bit hungry after eating this.
So, this might be better as a snack..unless you get a ton of toppings.
One thing that is nice is that for the extra dollar you can get as many toppings as you like which could make this a more filling item.
I took a flyer before leaving and there is a special on Tuesdays where for a Toonie you can get a mini Pizza Ombrella made with cheese and tomato sauce.
If you are looking for something different to try,this is a fun quick meal idea!

Ombrella Pizzacones is located at 527 Bronson Avenue and open from 8am-11pm 7 days a week.
If you are in that area there is also the very tasty and vegan bakery Aunty Loo's Treats at 507 Bronson.
I will post about my visit there pretty soon.

Top photo: Pizzacone being prepared.
 Photo #2 : Baked Pizzacone ready to eat!
 Photo #3: The oven with Ombrella and Pizzacones baking.
 Photo #4: My Ombrella pizza, ready to eat!

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