Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dermapro Ion Mask review!

I recently received some samples of the Dermapro Ion Mask.
The Ion Mask is supposed to detoxify your skin and clean your pores. There is also some seaweed and natural green clay and this made the mask a very green shade. The mask also had a bit of the smell of seaweed and reminded me of the ocean.
The mask was a fairly this consistency and was easy to apply. There was a bit of a warming sensation which can most likely be attributed to the ginger extract in the mask. This was quite pleasant and was just a very mild warm feeling. My skin is quite sensitive and usually masks that contain many ingredients do not always agree with my skin.
I have used this mask twice so far with no issues. My skin was left looking much cleaner and pores looked smaller too. Overall this mask was nice to use and could benefit every skin type.
The Dermapro website is:
The mask on my hand (it is very green,like an army green shade)

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