Saturday, April 20, 2013


After waiting a month for an "update" to their Facebook status about a supposed "newsletter" that never came and no response by email.
I received a email that is no longer operational.
Some warning signs were a very late Feb sample bag, non-receipt of my March bag, no April bag either.

Also, I made a $140 store purchase two weeks ago and got absolutely no info or email response about my order. I had ordered a bunch of Vilainess soaps whips and scrubs for gifts and for myself.
I'm sure the "Glymm store" knew they were going under- yet it is ok to STEAL MY MONEY AND PROVIDE NO PRODUCT??
I did contact my credit card about this and was told I have up to 12 weeks to receive the items and can not file a claim until then.
But the worst would have to be that Glymm charged people for services in May earlier this week, when they knew they were going out of business.
Is that not STEALING!?
Here is the email they sent me:
from Glymm
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Goodbye from Glymm
We have had an amazing time with you all along our journey to living a life more beautiful.

After sending you so many beautiful boxes, from jelly beans to lollipops, from lipstick to nail polish, we are sad to say that our journey with you has come to an end.

We have been unable to continue serving you as the company simply could not sustain itself. After lots of effort to continue to send you outstanding products and services, we have been left with no other choice but to close our beautiful company. We thank our dedicated and talented team and our valued members who have given us nothing but love along the way.
The whole Glymm team worked around the clock to continuously introduce you to the newest and latest in Beauty from all over the world.

Thank you for being part of a life more beautiful and we hope that you continue to find beauty in all that you see.

With love and sincerity,

The Glymm Team
"They" can not even sign their real person names?
I guess that "Glymm" does not want people to know who the company founders are?
Well, it is a bit too late for that- there was an article in Maclean's magazine with the founder's name.

Also from LinkedIn public profiles there was the founder's contact info and where else to contact them.
Here is what I found out:

Glymm Co-founder : Paul Fournier

* E-Commerce director at Mackage clothing in Montreal

Mackage phone: 1-866-973-5287  or (514) 388-5287

the phone extension for his voicemail is #124 , but when I spoke to the receptionist? I was told he was on vacation (I did not mention anything about Glymm, just asked if paul fournier was there......).
The Facerbook for Glymm has now been deleted, so this is one of the few places that this info can now be found as I had saved in on some paper in a notebook.

The one thing I re-learned from this is to always print your store orders and confirmations and you never know when they could dissapear online and that a paper copy is needed!


  1. director of mackage !?!? Avec internet on trouve tout! C'est vraiment pas correct de prendre l'argent du monde comme ça! Surtout ta commande ! Moi je rappelerais ma carte de crédit! Voyons donc c'est ecrit dans le ciel que tu ne recevras rien!

    1. This info was on LinkedIn from a web search and also when I entered Glymm box in a browser, there was the Maclean's article with the founder's name!

      I had posted what I had found on the Glymm Facebook, but every day they would delete my posts...

  2. On vacation -- hmm, with all the subscribers' money? I hope he is held legally responsible for this.

    1. I think that "he" or "Glymm" can only be responsible if the credit card companies know how to reach that person/company.

      That can only happen if the credit card company knows how to contact who owes them.
      I am passing along this info here to my Visa card and hope others do the same...


  4. Contact your credit card again, demand they start processing your claim. Worded for me with my mastercard!