Monday, April 29, 2013


I had put off reviewing my first Seasonsbox as there was quite a few things I needed to catch up on.
Before I knew it, I have already gotten my third Seasonsbox and really need to start blogging more about the lovely contents that were received.If you are not familiar with Seasonsbox, it is a subscription service where each month your receive a package that contains "environmentally conscious" products and you are supposed to receive 3-5 items according to the site description.
So far the boxes have had 4 items each and a very good variety of items that I think anyone would enjoy.

Here is what the Febuary 2013 Seasonsbox looks like before it was opened:

Feb 2013 Seasonsbox. Love the bow and packaging!

The info card that describes the contents of the box:

Info card. Love the logo and graphics!

Other side of info card!

Now for the contents of the Feb 2013 Seasonsbox:

Nicely packaged and colour coordinated!

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