Wednesday, October 2, 2013


My Topbox showed up at lightning speed in the mail today!
The version I got is sponsored by Murale- which is a company of the Shoppers Drug Mart chain and is very much like a Sephora store...but even better.

Here is what this month's packaging looks like-it is very colorful and different!

Oct 2013 Topbox by Murale!

Contents of Oct 2013 Topbox!

Contents of my Oct 2013 Topbox:

*Ojon: Volume Advance Thickening Spray: 55 ml spray bottle.

*Clarins: Satin-Smooth Body Lotion: 30ml bottle.

*Estee Lauder: Perfectionist [CP+R] Wrinkle Lifting/Firming Serum: 7ml...cute bottle!

*Rodial: Bee Venom Moisturiser: 5ml tube.

My review will be up shortly!
Very curious to see what other people will get in their Topbox!
Feel free to send me some links to Topbox reviews and I will check them out...


  1. Your topbox is far better than mine...I got 2 anti-aging samples again. One of them is the full sized sample. Considering I'm 23, I'm not impressed.

    1. You could always use the samples of your hands- that is what my mother does with creams she does not use.
      I hate wasting so maybe try that.
      Or you could always use it as a neck cream or else as a rich cream on your cheeks for the winter if it is suitable?

  2. I got the regular box instead of the Murale! Happy with mine but a bit envious of your Ojon! Neve heard of Rodial, is it good? My unboxing post:

  3. I got the exact same one! I literally squeeled when i saw that they included Ojon! I'm IN LOVE with that brand! And it was funny, because just today i was searching for thickening creams!

  4. Interesting! I also got the Murale one (I don't remember picking it though... some people got just a regular Topbox) but I got different items! Check out my blog for what I received!

  5. My topbox was horrible this month!! I only got three items, A B.Kamins primer, Juice Beauty Cellular Repair Moisturizer, and a tiny Elizabeth Arden Anti Wrinkle Serum that had about 5 drops in it. The card that came with it had 2 items on it that I didn't receive, more anti-aging skin care. I am hoping it was a mistake and there was supposed to be more in it!! Such a let down!!!