Thursday, October 24, 2013


The September edition of Topbox was a special collaboration with Chatelaine magazine and the mailing tube had some very fancy paper on it this month.
Still trying to figure out what to do with it, as it is very decorative.
For this Topbox, I will do an "unboxing" through my photos!

Chatelaine branded Topbox tube- love the design of the paper!

First look inside the Topbox!

I see a magazine and a product. Not sure what it is yet.....

Lancome Tresor EDP mini! how cute!

Wrapped in tissue paper was Cover FX primer and Lise Watier tinted foundation

Last product was a Wella styling spray...FULL SIZE!

.................And here is my review:

*COVER FX: Anti-Aging Primer.
Sample size 5ml tube, value $6.40/ full size 30ml ($38).
I like receiving the Cover FX primers as they are quite costly and the texture is very nice.
They feel like a serum and contain quite a few active ingredients. Now I'm not sure what is anti-aging in this product as I do not have the ingredient list here.
It would be very helpful if companies that provide samples in these boxes could have a small paper with ingredients- just a suggestion.
The primer also does not have a scent and I do not see any sparkles in it, so another plus.
I will report back on how this product holds up and will use it the next couple days!

*WELLA PROFESSIONALS: Thermal Image Heat Protection Spray.
Full size product $14 (150ml bottle).
Wella is a great salon brand that has been around forever, it seems. I do like the products Wella makes and have not used any lately.
This spray has 2 layers in the bottle and you are supposed to shake the product before using.
I do not use heat styling most of the time, so not sure when I will try this out.
Also, there is alcohol in the product and my hair is very dry. Maybe I will just try it out on my bangs today?

*LISE WATIER: Teint Age Controle Supreme.
Sample size 5ml tube, value $8.00/ full size 30ml (48).
The shade I received is Neutre and it seems like a tinted moisturizer when I applied it. The coverage is very sheer and I can not smell the product-which is great.
Some face products are so strongly scented it can really bother me.
One thing I just noticed is that Topbox puts a maple leaf beside the Canadian products we receive.
When I looked at the back of the tube the cream is made in Italy!
Just thought that might be worth mentioning!

LANCOME PARIS: Tresor Eau de Parfum:
Size 7.5ml mini bottle, value $17 /full size 30ml ($68).
This perfume has been around a very long time. I like how you smell the peach more than the floral part.
The perfume is not overpowering and I will most likely pick some up in the future!

Chatelaine double issue!

Chatelaine magazine other side!

Product card for Sept 2013

My overall thoughts on the Sept 2013 Topbox:

I am quite pleased and the value is quite high this month being $45.40!
Also nice that we got an issue of Chatelaine included. I recall one other company had a box sponsored by LouLou magazine and we had not gotten a magazine- I thought that made the box and company look "cheap".
Chatelaine has done a great job with their promotion- I just resubscribed to their magazine for another year!

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