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Zyderma cream really helped my skin. Review after 10 day use.

When I saw that some other members of a cosmetic sampling "box" had received this cream and somehow they determined a different sample would be sent to me- (I) ended up contacting the company that makes Zyderma to see if they would send me a sample so I could try and review their cream.

Now, I have had several skin issues for the past year and had seen some ok results with some products, but most things I tried were just temporary fixes and did not continually work.
I did see several dermatologists as well- and even one derm that only works in a hospital clinic (and in case you are wondering that derm made my skin  WORSE!).
I had some skin irritation that was not going away and also a couple of very inflamed blemishes and they were injected with cortisone and at the t ime the Dr. was very rushed and only when I left  there did I realize my skin was not cleaned with alcohol beforehand and my skin looked worse and was quite inflamed.
(and this was a derm I had waited a year and a half to see.

I did not take any pics of my face for this review, but do have before and after of my elbow,arm and knees.
The way that Zyderma works is that their cream uses Microsilver BG silver that is made up of particles that are too big to penetrate the skin.
These silver particles then sit on your skin and deactivate the harmful backteria that can harm your skin.
There are quite a few silver products out there, but most I did see just use "colloidal silver" or "silver water" and you are not sure how much there is or if it is even a safe product to use.

The Microsilver BG ingredient is patented by a German company and has had many studies and quite a lot of research behind it. I also like that I know it is a safe ingredient to use and will not harm me if I use it in the long term.

The pictures below are of my elbow and arm. I had some mystery irritation and a patch of very itchy dry skin that was not going  away.
I was told to exfoliate more and that just made my skin more red the next day and still itchy.
I was told to use cream with AHA acids and my skin did look and feel a bit smoother, but was still very red and not getting better.
Was then told to try cortisone cream and that just made my skin feel like it was burning, the Dr. solution...use a stronger cortisone cream (yes, seriously).
I tried several creams that had tea tree oil in them and that did help a bit,but my skin was still red and itchy.
Also tried quite a few creams with oatmeal in them and many natural and organic things.
Even tried Benardryl cream- and that can be quite toxic as it is absorbed by the body and you are not supposed to take any allergy medications at the same time or you could end up with life threatening problems.

So far I have not had any issues with the Zyderma cream, well it seems more like a "lotion" as it is quite light and does not feel heavy on the skin.

In the before picture you can see the skin on my elbow is red and rough looking. My skin had been like that for almost a year (on and off), so I am not expecting my skin to entirely recover in such a short amount time- but I did purchase some cream to keep using it and am very pleased with the results so far!
I have even had quite a few people who see me all the time ask what I was using on my skin lately as they were surprised how much better my skin looked.
My pictures were also done in the same location with the same lighting and camera, just to do a fair comparison.
Even now looking at the before and after pics myself, I am quite surprised!

If you are interested in trying Zyderma there is a trial offer on their website where you just pay shipping and they will send you a 30ml bottle.
It is not a recurring charge or any of those sketchy things, it is a one time charge and you can only get one trial size bottle per household (I think).
The website to order is
or if you do not want to order online the toll-free number is: 1-855-331-7111
The company is located in Toronto, so shipping is quite fast and it is nice to not pay any duty or extra fees to get my order.

*I will be adding more to this post later during the week and also am going to do a comparison of two other silver products I tried in a separate post.
Still need to take pictures of the other products and do the writing part (and need more info from the other companies as they have no info about the kind of silver used or any safety info need to get more info to do that post).

The other product containing silver I tried was:

Performance Remedy Mr. Fix It Antimicrobial Wound Rescue (1fl oz.)
by Jack Black
(you can buy it at many places online).

What it's used for:
Jack Black Performance Remedy Mr. Fix It Antimicrobial Wound Rescue is an advanced yet simple way to speed tissue regeneration while preventing bacterial infections. Its lightweight, non-greasy texture does not stain and adheres easily to the application area. Pure, micronized silver neutralizes even the most resistant strains of bacteria that often thrive in gyms and workout areas.
 Silver, Water.

Considering there is no info on the kind of silver used and particle size and no info I can find about the Jack Black product, I am not using it- but I did not see any result from it either.

**I was not paid for this blog post and was only sent the Zyderma cream to evaluate.
The Jack Black product was bought with my own money.

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