Saturday, January 11, 2014


Maybe you are asking yourself why I have not updated my blog with Seasonsbox reviews?
I was waiting to see if I was pleased with their customer service lately, before posting anything overly negative (or possibly positive).
So far I had purchased a yearly membership in Feb 2013 and skipped 2 of the months that did not catch my interest. That means I am supposed to get my boxes until April 2014....

The last box I skipped was the November 2013 one that contained patchouli hair products.
I've always hated anything patchouli so.....great a whole box full of those items?? PASS

Now I was supposed to receive the December box and as of January 8th it still is not here.
Not too sure of my box was lost or sent out as there has been so much restructuring with Seasonsbox that it is hard to tell if they are still in business.
I did receive my Dec 2013 Seasonsbox and am quite pleased.
The vegan chocolates were delicious, my hot chocolate tin was dented and some spilled all over my other items, the Moksa body butter smells very nice- but no one seems to be able to answer my question about the packaging changes.

I'm still having a few issues with Seasonsbox at the moment.
If you go to their website they still have the December 2013 products up and no word about the January boxes. Same thing if you go to their Facebook site that has not been updated either since December.
A few weeks ago Seasonsbox was advertising that you could renew at a special rate of $250 for the next year (that is for 12 boxes). That is a great price but........ Why do I want to renew or buy a new subscription if their website is still showing the Dec items in January and that no one from their customer "service" (or lack of service) dept can not be bothered to update?
If you are too busy, find someone else to write the update for you.

So this pretty much sums up why I have not done any Seasonsbox reviews lately.
Does anyone know if Seasonsbox has gone the way of glymm and taken off with the money?
Or have they gone out of business?

When (seasonsbox) does not bother to update their site and no Facebook update one can only guess the company has gone out of business.
I did ask on their Facebook to know what was going on and was wondering if I should contact my credit card provider for a chargeback as I can not reach the vendor.

Also that I received a damaged item and doubt they will do anything about that.
Usually with your credit card if you are not sent items, item not as described, damaged items and the vendor is difficult to deal with- you can do a chargeback by calling the credit card company.

I do know some of the terms for Seasonsbox state that there are no refunds on pre-paid sunscriptions- but when the company does not even honour their own contract, I'm not too sure if that applies?

Has anyone been able to obtain any info on the January 2014 Seasonsbox?
Has the company gone out of business?
I will update this post with any new info I obtain and what my credit card provider will suggest!


  1. They have posted the January 2014 box!

  2. I have not received December's box or January's box. They have not answer why yet. Horrible customer service. I paid a 6 month subscription so how could I receive a refund??? Never go with Season's box!

    1. To try and get a refund, hopefully you paid through a credit card?
      You then call your credit card and tell them you did not receive your items and you file a claim in writing or sometimes just by phone is ok.

      I've had to do that at least 10 times over the years, last time for me was with Glymm box and also a $200+ order from Gymm's store they never sent out.

      Right now for seasonsbox I am filing 2 claims.

      The Fckers just charged my credit card $285+ dollars.....after I canceled in writing at least 5 times.
      Now is claiming they never charged me anything.
      No use arguing with stupidity like that, I told them to enjoy dealing with Visa claims dept for fraud.