Friday, January 17, 2014


Just received my January 2014 Topbox! My first box of the year!
Here is a pic for coming soon!
A "virtual unboxing" will be coming up!!

The Topbox packaging.

Overall, I like what was sent for my January Topbox.
The tweezers look expensive with the silicone coating and I hope they are decent (even though I already have a couple expensive German tweezers).Aveda products are always liked, skincare is always useful and lip gloss fun!

Thoughts on my Topbox items:

*Belvada Cosmetics: Colored Tweezers. Value $5
This was one of the first items I tried and when I received them thought it was a great idea to have silicone on the tweezers as it makes them much easier to use. The tweezers are slanted and fairly sharp and are a decent quality. For tweezing they work as well as most of the cheaper tweezers I've tried.
Usually the tweezers I like best are my Mavala Switzerland tweezers, then Italian made ones I picked up.
I will most likely use these tweezers for nail art and since the silicone part can be removed I will use it on my other tweezers. So far for me this item is only ok.

*Miracle 10 Skincare: Solution II Extra Strength Clarifying Solution: sample size 30ml, sold on Miracle 10's website as a deluxe size for $27/ full size product 120ml, $44.
I really like the packaging for this solution- it has a pump bottle instead of being a top you take off that could spill. Also a great size for travel or to take with you!
The clarifying solution left my face feeling very clean and smooth, but not dry. I really like this product but will have to use it for a while to see if it is any different from my current Toning Solution by Neostrata.
The Miracle 10 definitely felt less harsh than my current product, but that is because the percentage of acids is much less being at 5% compared to my usual 8 or 10%.
Also, I've done quite a few Exuviance skin peels lately and those are 20%+ so for myself I am not expecting any extreme results from this product.
If you were not already using much for exfoliating and wanted to help with blemishes, dark spots and skin tone this product would be very good. I do like this product and plan to take it with me on vacation!

Contents of the Topbox tube.

*Aveda: stress-fix body lotion: sample size 25ml, value $4.70/ full size 200ml, $32.50
I like Aveda products, but am more familiar with their hair products and colour cosmetics. I have never tried any of the body products until now!
The body lotion was tried on my hands and arms and absorbed right away. I do not think this would be rich enough for very dry skin during wintertime. But on my hands it absorbed right away and left them smelling nicely scented. I am not sure quite how to describe the scent of the lotion as it is made with a bunch of different essential oils that smell like when you walk into the Aveda store. I can make out lavender   The Topbox description card states that there is" lavender, lavandin and clary sage from organic farms".
The lotion is a good size to try and there was also a card redeemable at an Aveda store for a travel size hand relief cream.
I went to the Aveda store to pick this up and the cream was a 40ml tube with a value of $13!
While I was browsing the Aveda store I actually forgot to buy the item I came for too- their breath drops are nice and have no alcohol....

The Boxx Lipshine was hiding in the envelope...almost missed it!

*BOXX COSMETICS: Lipshine- braith 1.5g! Full size item! Value $16.
This would be my second Boxx Cosmetics item! I got one of their concealers last year and do like it and use that once in a while...
I like the colour of the lipshine that I received- braith is a sheer shimmery natural pink and is a bit more like a tinted balm than lipgloss. It applies well with a lip brush- you could use your finger to apply as the lipshine is more solid in the pan (but fingers are never as clean).
The gloss has some good ingredients like peptides , mango butter, beeswax and vitamin e. There is no scent or taste to the lipshine and I prefer that over perfumey things on my lips. The lipshine also went on smoothly and is not sticky.
Another plus is the ingredients are listed right on the back of the package! I always like to know what I am using on my skin as I do not like some ingredients I avoid.
I also like that BOXX COSMETICS  is a Canadian company and this product is made in Canada!

Swatch of BOXX COSMETICS Lipshine- braith
Above is a swatch of the Boxx Cosmetics lipshine- you can see how sheer this is, even with a thicker lipbrush application on my hand. I think this shade would be suitable for pretty much everyone who likes a more natural, but polished look.


  1. how is the boxx product? been hearing about this brand but never got to try it! I got the benefit box this month

    1. Hi,
      this is my second Boxx product I've gotten in a sunscription. I got a concealer last year and it is nice for undereye but you need to set it with powder.
      The concealer would be good for normal to dry skin- not oilier people.

      The lipgloss is quite sheer and light and a very light pink, almost goes on clear. Not sticky and no taste- so that is a plus for me. Kind of reminds me of a tinted lip balm..almost.
      You need a lip brush to apply.

  2. How did you like the Aveda cream?

    I received a hand cream from them months ago with a citrus-y scent and love it!

    I got a Topbox this month as well except it was the Benefit one (: