Sunday, February 9, 2014

Seasonsbox Feb 2014...finally heard back. Denying Visa charges? and refusing to send boxes....Saga continues...

Finally, I heard back from "seasonsbox" as my email was signed.
Why can't the person sending the email even put an initial down?? what are "they" so scared of??

The message I received came from the Gmail address and stated that I no longer had an account and that my credit card had not been charged anything and that I did not have a subscription.

To me that is quite odd, as I did purchase my one year Seasonsbox subscription of Jan. 25, 2013 and my first box was Feb 2013.
Without skipping any boxes that would bring me to receiving Feb 2014 as my last box.
Considering I skipped 2 boxes and have the confirmation in writing that my sub was extended till April 2014.
I made sure to get that in writing as I was not sure if they would forget or be around and I might need written proof for something.

The lesson (I) you can learn from that is always get the terms of something you buy confirmed in writing if they happen to change from the original contract agreement.

Now to top this the same person who sent me that message Mr. or Ms. "seasonsbox", I guess that is their name now....
Seasonsbox is denying my credit card was charged!!!!
How ridiculous, as I see the charge in my online banking, so how can they not know about a $285 charge?

I did speak to my bank's credit card claims dept and customer service over the phone and the several times I did call they did see the $285 charge and told me to send a fax in writing with a copy of my seasonsbox cancelation.
I was also given a file # and just need to send a fax to reverse the charge.

Now for my seasonsbox subscription, I have a separate case and was told I needed proof my subscription was extended and only allowed to file one claim.
I was asked how many months I skipped and was told I could probably get that back.
I was trying to claim for 3 months missed (inc Jan 2014 that no one has gotten yet).
But now since Seasonsbox is refusing to even honour my subscription and does not want to send me anything, I just need to send that email to my credit card provider's claims dept.

I really hope "seasonsbox" enjoys dealing with my credit card's claim dept!

Has anyone else had so many issues with Seasonsbox?
I really had enjoyed my subscription until Dec 2013,so it is too bad they decided to dig their own grave.

*Has anyone noticed that the description card in their picture on the seasonsbox website is from Jan 2013, but the description is what is supposed to be Jan 2014?
Also the box pictured is the old style with the pretty cardboard box and ribbon that they used when they first started out.
The last few boxes I got just had the products dumped in a box with no bubble wrap or anything...

Has anyone gotten anything from Seasonsbox in 2014, I would really like to know....


  1. I have to say that when I first starting getting Seasons Box I never had a problem and Agnus was always friendly and very helpful.

    The problems started when they went to the US and it was nothing but problem upon problem. At one point they ended up sending an email saying they weren't shipping to Canada. At that point I cancelled because it was just turning into a pain in the butt.

    Well thankfully I was a monthly subscriber so cancelling wasn't that hard. Well after cancelling they sent out an email saying they were under new management and were honoring subsriptions again but I declined only because I think deep down I knew there would be problems.

    I hope you get it resolved soon

  2. Well,
    I tried to contact Seasonsbox several times with no response.
    On a forum I am a member of someone that runs/ran seasonsbox mentioned they did not like my posts online.

    I am only posting my personal dealings with the company and see nothing wrong with that.
    Now, I am waiting for a refund from my credit card for my 2 claims.

    And just how does "seasonsbox staff" think that my subscription starting in Feb 2013 would end in December?
    Esp when I paid for 1 year?
    12 months would be until Feb 2014 and that is not counting the 2 months I skipped.

    The only good thing for me is it now makes it easier to submit my claim to Visa as the vendor is refusing to send me items I already paid for....