Monday, February 24, 2014


My Feb 2014 Topbox showed up in my mailbox last week!
Topbox if you have not heard of it before is a monthly subscription where you get (usually) four deluxe or full size cosmetic items from new and established brands.

What is refreshing about Topbox is that you only pay by the month and do not have a prepaid commitment. That way you can be sure they will not run away with your money like some other subscriptions.

Here is what my Feb 2014 Topbox looked like before opening:

Feb 2014 Topbox packaging!

Contents of my regular Topbox:

In my Topbox this month were the following items:

*Estee Lauder: Double Ended Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara and Pure Color Gloss in Rock Candy. Mascara size: 2.8ml, value $13/ full size 6ml, $26. Lip gloss 4.5ml, $19.50/full size 6ml, $26.
The Sumptuous mascara is quite nice! My eyes were not irritated at all and I just read that the mascara is fragrance free! Also no smudging or flaking- so that is a plus.
The only issue I had was it is a bit hard to remove. I tried several miscellar cleansers for face and eyes and that did not work well. I then tried my waterproof makeup remover and that worked quite well.

The Pure Color Gloss is really nice and also has a candy like scent that is not too strong. I really dislike gloss that tastes like perfume or flowers (some expensive gloss I bought had a overly floral scent and taste).
The gloss did not burn my lips, so another plus. Overall this gloss is great and very wearable- this will be on my list of future purchases!

*So Susan: Water-based Pure Luminizer. full size product 15g, value $46!
I have never heard of this brand before and it is based in the UK/England!
This is also a full size item which is always fun to receive.
The luminizer went on very easily and does give quite a glow. You really do not need to use much at all.
I did have a few small issues with this product. One is that the product packaging states no sulfates,no mineral oil, water based...but then there is PARABENS  listed in the ingredients??
My other issue was a small fault with the packaging- the cap was broken and the product leaks out the side when you squeeze the tube.
Looking online, it seems others have had the same issue. I'm supposed to be getting a replacement sample with my March Topbox.
I think that for such an expensive product there should not be any packaging issues.

*Elizabeth Arden: Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant. sample size 30ml, value $15/full size 50ml, $25.
This is one of those iconic beauty products that is supposed to be good for everything under the sun....
The cream was invented in the 1930's and one is sold every 30 seconds or something crazy like that!
The cream is quite thick, very similar to petroleum jelly, but I am not too keen on the scent that is very floral like. There is a fragrance-free version available thankfully...

*Zyderma HS :Clarifying Cream. full size 30ml, value $25!
This is kind of funny that I got this cream in my Topbox. I have never gotten this item from Topbox.
Not the most exiting product for me- only because I just placed another order for a large bottle of Zyderma a couple weeks ago. But I do not have a smaller bottle to take on vacation with me, so also quite pleased with this.
I guess this means I need to do another update of how Zyderma is helpful for me.
Actually I did just take a picture of my knees 3 months later and it is a huge difference. I did send Zyderma a copy of my pictures and plan on doing a new blog post soon......

*Lancome: Definicils mascara. sample size 2ml, value...
This item was not listed on my card and it is a surprise to see another mascara in my Topbox!

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