Sunday, July 18, 2010

Haitai Almond Cracker....from Korea!

These crackers were found when I was randomly wandering through the Independent (Loblaws company) grocery store.
The crackers were in a bin near the cracker section and there was a sale price on the bin.
As I had never seen these crackers before and that there was Korean writing on the box, they had to go into my grocery cart.
The crackers I am talking about are called Haitai Almond Cracker.
The box shows that there are 6 individually wrapped packages inside and that there is "almond slice added".
Each package has 6 crackers inside that are the size of the typical soda-type cracker.
Another nice to know fact is that each package has only 103 calories, so these can be eaten almost every day if you like!
Now on to the actual tasting of the Haitai almond crackers...
The crackers are very light just like a soda cracker and the top has some thinly sliced almonds and some sugar on top, along with a tiny bit of salt.
I just had the crackers plain and they were tasty.
The side of the box suggests that these are nice to have with cheese and a glass of wine or for a brunch whith some jam and fruit.
These crackers would be very good to have topped with a cheese like mozzarella and a mild cheddar, a brie could also be very tasty.
I will be getting these crackers again as they are different from what is usually available at the grocery store.
If you've tried any of the Haitai brand crackers, I'd be curious to know your thoughts!

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  1. I know this is from a year ago, but...

    Granted, the Haitai brand is Korean, but the writing on the box you have pictured is Chinese, not Korean.