Thursday, July 1, 2010

Derma Pro Gel Tox like it so far!

I recently received a few sample of Derma Pro Gel Tox.
The Derma Pro packet claims it is a muscle relaxer and wrinkle reducer, safe for all skin types.
It is a gel based formula and I found it absorbed well into the skin and made my skin look plumper.
There is also no smell to this gel and I was able to use this in the eye area too.
Another good thing is that there is no fragrance, it is not likely to bother people (like me) who have very sensitive skin types.
Gel Tox also contains Sodium Hyalronate (hyalronic acid) that helps keep moisture in the skin and makes lines appear to be diminished.
So far I've liked using this product and think it would be good for all skin types.
The price for Derma Pro Gel Tox is $62.80 for a 30ml bottle. That sounds ok for the type of product that it is and not too excessive of a price.
You can find Derma Pro products for sale at:

I also have sample of the Derma Pro Pineapple scrub and Ion mask and will be reviewing those later this week!

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