Thursday, June 24, 2010

Green bean bun from Golden Baguette on Bank st!

You'll have to excuse the formatting of this post but I have been having browser issues all day and can not get anything to load properly. Hopefully this will somehow improve with future posts!
Now on to my review of the green bean bun. This is usually an Asian pastry or sweet dish and is eaten as a snack or dessert. The filling is made of green bean puree and something to sweeten the bun. The bottom part of the bun was a bit sticky I'm assuming from the sugar used?
The bread part was very fresh and good as all bakery fresh bread usually is. The sesame seeds and lone pecan added some extra taste and interest to this snack.
I would eat this again and am planning on trying a similar type of bun if I can find them in other places, just to compare the difference.
One thing I do like about Golden Baguette is that their business cards state that everything is made from scratch on site and that they do not use any preservatives in anything they make. The cost for this green bean bun was around $2 but it was quite a big size and much bigger than most Asian pastries   I've seen before.
You could easily have this for lunch with a soup or maybe a salad and be quite full.
I'd say this was a different and tasty snack from what I usually eat during the week.
Hopefully you can get your hands on one of these filled buns- they are a pretty small store and do not make very many every day!

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