Saturday, June 19, 2010

the flour shoppe! new cupcakery on Bank st!

I was just walking down Bank street today on the way to the Raw foods show and saw there was a new cupcake bakery that has opened in the Glebe area.

Had to stop in as I do like sweet pastries.
The cupcakes I got were to go in a cute take-out box as I was on the way somewhere else.
The people working at this little cupcake store were very friendly and the display in the store with cupcakes on small platters behind some glass at the counter is also nice looking.
The first cupcake (on the top) that I tasted was the Lemon Earl Grey- the one with the small specks in it.
The size of these is not gigantic, but enough of a portion for a dessert or snack.
These seemed to be the size of small muffins (or the "standard" muffin tin size).
The wrappers on all the cupcakes are dark brown so it is hard to see the cupcake in a picture without taking off part of the wrapper.
Now to the actual tasting of the cupcake:
The cake part was just right, not too dry and not too oily either. There was not a very strong Earl Grey taste and it was very light. The icing was piled very high in a pretty swirl and just about as high as the cupcake base.
The icing was a nice and fluffy buttercream.
The specks in the cupcake,I think are either vanilla bean or bits of earl grey tea leaves-did not think to ask about that.
If you buy two (or several) cupcakes you can get them in a nice cardboard box that has a cardboard tray so your cupcakes travel better!
Carrying cupcakes around several hours is probably not reccomended if taking a photo.
Now on to the second cupcake tasted (on the right).
That was a Rootbeer flavored cupcake.
The Rootbeer flavor was very light and almost hard to notice.Was actually expecting a much stronger kind of flavor.
Icing was a meringue type of icing and thicker than the buttercream. The icing did not seem to have a Rootbeer taste that I could tell (but then I had eaten something with very strong garlic and it was harder to taste more subtle things).
Going to this new store was fun and enjoyable and I will go back to try the flavors that change almost every week.
Cupcakes cost $2.50 each and that seems like a very good price.
There is also tea and coffee for sale and you can sit in the store and eat your treat there.
If you also feel the need to exercise, there is a 24 hour gym a few doors down from this bakery!
While I was there I also saw a cupcake called "father's day" that has maple icing and a peice of caramelized bacon on top.
Did not have the chance to try that,but looked very interesting.
There was also a "spicy" cupcake.
the flour shoppe is located at 617 Bank Street,Ottawa.

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