Sunday, June 20, 2010

Body by Brigitte! RAVE is not enough... easy to use! Run and buy it!

I received a sample of this in one of the My Pretty Pink Boxes a few months ago and did not think to try this product- sort of thought it would be like all those other wax strip products that do not work that well.
The similar products I tried from the drugstore worked ok,were too much hassle and always left my skin sticky (and needing cleanup with oils).
It was just too much work for too little result (if any).
Pretty much was resigned on depending on the local salons (which are expensive).

But after trying the Body by Brigitte wax strips,I was amazed at how easy they were to use. And that they actually worked!
I tried them to clean up my eyebrows and in one pass the hairs were pulled out.
My skin was not left sticky and was not red at all (and it usually is after such things).
I also had no skin issues after using these wax strips.
One thing is I found it a bit easier to cut the sample strip in half as I was only doing a very small area. That could also have to do with my technique though.

Luckily I also received a sample of these wax strips in a magazine I subscribed too-so now I can continue to use these until I remember to pick them up at the store!

I saw that these are now available in Canada at all Shoppers Drug Mart locations (also called Pharmaprix in Quebec).
A rave is not enough for this product. You can actually get a "professional" result with these strips at home!

The sample packet I have here says the strips are manufactured in AUSTRALIA and assembled in USA.

The website for Body by Brigitte is:


  1. i too love these things and I got a sample in MPPB, but the company that provided them (Stormsister) no longer has them and neither does Ulta. I'm ticked- i want to buy them!

  2. I tried the facial waxing kit and got zero results, was wondering if the product has an expiry date. The wax seemed sticky but when I used the waxing strips nothing came off not even the wax?, any suggestions???.

  3. I have not had any issues with the kit.
    I bought the leg one and ended up cutting the strips to the size I want (there is more in the leg kit).

    Also I did not use the wipe you use before the kit and I did wash my face and use a toner and wait until my skin is dry.
    So maybe that is why it worked better?

    Also if you want the wax to work even better some salons they use powder on the skin so the wax just sticks to the hair.
    I have not tried that but think it would work at home.

    Also be sure to warm the wax with your hands and rub it on your face so it warms up and the strip sticks well.