Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Red Bean and Pecan bun from Golden Baguette Bakery bank st!

Just came back from picking up some lunch at Golden Baguette bakery on Bank st.
The bakery is very small and easy to miss, it is located at Bank and Lisgar st (near Edible Arrangements store).
I have not bought anything there in a few weeks and today there were some new items in the pastry selection!
So, of course I had to get one of these new treats.
Has anyone ever heard of a red bean filled bun, topped with sesame seeds and pecans?
That is one of the new items for sale, along with a bun filled with Green Beans (will review that one next :)
Once I figure out how to add a picture I'll update this post as well.

Now on to the red bean paste filled bun.
It looked very fresh and is quite a substantial size at 5" round and 1 1/2" high!
You could easily eat this for lunch with some fruit and be quite full.
The bun smells very fresh and when I bit into it, the bread was very fresh and tasty.
There was some sweet red bean paste throughout the bun-but not a huge amount of it.
The sesame seeds on top of the bun add some nice taste, as do the crunchy fresh pecans.
This is an item that I would buy again, as it is nice for a quick lunch and quite portable too.
But if you go too late in the day you might be out of luck. When I was there only three buns were left.
Golden Baguette is located at 242 Bank St. and open Monday to Saturday from 7? am until 6pm.
If anyone has the chance to try this asian pastry I'm curious to know what you thought!

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