Saturday, June 19, 2010

La Belle Verte Gatineau review of raw foods!

I was at the Raw festival in Ottawa earlier today.

There were many health food stores and local restaurants that were giving out food samples and selling plates of food.

Finally after browsing the many choices available- there must have been at least 15 different booths selling food.

Settled on a "raw" plate from La Belle Verte in Gatineau (Hull).

That was one place I had never heard of before and I'm not very familiar with raw sandwiches or "cooking" as you could say.

For raw food preparation, I know food can not be heated as that destroys the enzymes and other good things, usually to make breads grains are soaked and dried in a long process.

The plate I had contained a "pizza" like flat triangle (not pictured and already eaten) that was composed of a chewy flat bread made from grains (much like the sandwich in the pic) and topped with tomato, avocado and some sprouts.
The picture here is of a sandwich made of a sprouted grain bread that seems more like a dehydrated cracker or a very dense bread- it was actually quite filling and slightly sweet.
The filling was some hummus? a kind of garlic seasoning, marinated onions (they were pink),some pickle,sprouts and not too sure of the other vegetables. There was also some patty that was made from nuts (and not too sure what else).
The "sandwich" was quite good and the filling seemed very fresh.
I am not sure of the prices at the restaurant as this was eaten at a festival and not a full sandwich.
There was also quite a lot of garlic used in the seasoning of the sandwich,but it was quite tasty.
Hopefully I will have a chance to be in the Hull area to see the actual restaurant one day.
The location is at:
La Belle Verte
166 rue Eddy, Gatineau
open from 1 to 18 Mon/tues
11 to 21 Wed/Sat

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