Sunday, June 20, 2010

Deep Steep @ Skinbotanica! lovely soaps and all natural!

I recently saw this brand online and since I like natural products was hoping this would be nice!
Well, Ihave to say the products I tried were very gentle and extremely nice smelling!
The scent is very light and goes away after 30 second so it is not an "in your face" kind of artificial scent.

But I really like that. I bought the sampler set and the shower gel is very gentle too. The body lotion is quite thin and pretty light, but nice for summer and does not leave hands greassy.
The body butter stick is kind of like a giant lip balm and good for any dry spots.
I am definitely getting more of this line and have ordered the other scents to see if they are just as nice.

I have not seen this line in Canada yet, but even with shipping the price is very resonable.
There is also a special right now where if you spend $100 you get the free BEAUTY CACHE when you enter that code and add the cache to your shopping cart!
That is a $30 value!

Skinbotanica and Skincarerx use the same shopping cart,so the special offers will work when buying items on both sites.
I really like how this company they actually ship bonus items to Canadians and others when many companies do not do this!

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