Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Pretty Pink Box! April 2010 review.

Guess I'm kind of late in reviewing the April 2010 My Pretty Pink Box.

But better late than naver.

MPBB is a company that has a monthly pink box with cosmetic items from smaller, new companies and some established brands.

You can not subscribe to this at the moment and it is only by going to the MPBB site every month that you can get this limited supply box.

There are not tons of these available as the company running this program is fairly new and quite small still!

Here is what I got in the April 2010 My Pretty Pink Box:
Surgeon's Skin Secret beeswax moisturizer, Honey & Almond scent (1 oz jar/28ml)
Exuviance Performance Peel AP25 (2 use sample kit)
NYX liquid eyeliner in Ocean
Mark calm & composed moisutizer packet (1.5ml)
Mark Rio perfume scratch card (like a postcard with a perfume peel off sticker)
Yagolicious Bonita lipstick in Matador Red
Body by Brigitte wax strip sample (a small packet with 4 strips in the eyebrow of facial size).
Overall I'm quite satisfied with the contents of the My Pretty Pink Box.
I've had the chance to try a few products in it and so far one of my favorite items is the Body by Brigitte wax strips.
They actually work and are extremely easy to use.
The strips do not stick to your skin and somehow magically just remove the hair!
A longer review is to follow on this item soon.
One item that did somewhat annoy me was the Yagolicious lipstick.
There is no ingredient listing on the item (which is fine as it could be on a separate paper even), and when I went to the Yagolicious website- there was no ingredient listing either.
Usually I like to know the ingredients in what I am using and some people they might have allergies or for other reasons want to avoid a certain ingredient.
I have not tried the Yagolicious lipstick yet for the above reasons.
If you want to get one of the My Pretty Pink Box their website can be found at:
Also wanted to add that this program is run by a small company so sometimes they are a bit slow to respond to emails.
Shipping to Canada also takes a month. But at least they ship to Canada!

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