Thursday, July 1, 2010

Colorescience Genie Colore review In My Pink Cadilac!

I just bought the Colorescience Genie Colore eye color a few weeks ago and have been using this a few times a week and liking the results so far.
Genie Colore is a mineral eye makeup and you can make it as dramatic or subtle as you wish.
The bottle is really cute, and what is great is that the applicator is like the liquid eye liners and has a tip to help you apply this without any extra brushes.
The colore In My Pink Cadilac is actually a much lighter pink that in the pictures and it makes a great tool to "wake up your eyes" if you had a long day.
The staying power of this eye powder is good do and it did not fade all day.
Another good thing is that the amount you get is 4x more than Bare Minerals brand.
BM brand you usually get .5 of a gram, while Genie Colore you get a whole 2 grams.
Genie Colore also has a lot of fun shades,while BM has a more "natural" look.

If you get this from SkincareRx they often have sales on this line as well!
I'm going to try more of this line in the future and also find the sunscreen powders by Colorescience are great!

Colorescience Genie Sparkle Colore - In My Pink Cadillac

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