Sunday, July 18, 2010

M2 Body Refinish 15% like a pedicure for my feet!

I got this body treatment lotion in my last order from
Not too familar with the M2 brand yet, so went online to read up on some reviews and almost all of them were overwhelmingly positive.
My thoughts were that either this is an overhyped product or it is really great.
After trying the M2 Body Refinish on my feet I was amazed at how well the light cream actually worked.
My feet were no longer rough and my heels were as smooth as if I had just had a pedicure.
Trying the cream on my very dry elbows also had the same result-my elbows were velvty soft!
So, if you have an issues with dry feet,elbows or marks on the skin you want to improve this cream is sure to help.
And if you do not have the funds for pedicures or do not enjoy them- just use the M2 Body Refinish and look just like you had a pedicure!
The M2 brand creams might seem expensive,but considering you only need to use a very small amount every week it is very resonable in price for the results!
All I can say is run out and buy this, it will solve your rough and dry skin issues!

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