Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Blood is the New Black BLIND BARGAIN BAG #4 Men's selection!

These shirts were  part of my order #3 and are the men's Blind Bargain Bag from Blood is the New Black.
BITNB is a company that makes all their clothing in the US and feature designs by many types of artists.
I bought these tops with my own money and this would be my fourth bag I have recently purchased.
It might seem like a lot of tops, but when it is so random and I've gotten quite a few sleeveless items when I was hoping for t-shirts I am going to reorder and hope for more of the style I want and also buy some individual tops on their site.
So far I have found the women's bags had more tank tops and sleeveless items and the men's has short sleeve and the Euro fit tees.

This is what was in my men's Blind Bargain Bag:

Pig Boy by Carey Haider

This is an interesting shirt and one that is still for sale right now!
Not really a top I would chose- it is kind of funny and creepy at the same time. I do like the shirt colour and fit and will wear it! But I am going to add some embellishments to this top to make it look a bit more feminine (or fun) somehow.
I will post the results online,but it might not be for a while as I have to order my craft supplies.......from China. No idea how long shipping will take- I am thinking of adding some colored studs or maybe just metallic ones....

Bare Arms by Brendan Donelly

This is one design you can still buy right now!
I like that it is a play on words. The top is one of the Euro tees and a slimmer fit. I like this style as it is more fitted and easier to layer with other shirts or sweaters.

1% by Carey Haider

I like how the picture is made to look like a Polaroid-it has quite a nostalgic look to it.
Also thinking of adding something to the border of the picture to make it look more interesting- bought some copper colored studs and think it would look quite nice.
You can also still order this shirt in a few different cuts and tanks too.....

 Giant Cum by Dan Monick

Well, I'm not too fond of this top and not too sure I will wear it.
At least one of my friends really wants this shirt and it should fit him as it is a men's med and quite a big shirt!
I kind of wish there was more info about this top as I would really like to know what inspired the artist to do this???

Front and Back by Carey Haider

This is also a top you can still buy!
Guess I kind of lucked out and got all recent designs with this grab bag! Not that it matters to me really- as long as I like the tops I receive.
I do like how the image on this top is in black and white, with the bottom part in color. It really makes the top look interesting. This is also a Euro fit tee.
Quite a few people have mentioned to me already that they like this top and wanted to know where I bought it from!

Final thoughts on this bag:

Overall I am quite pleased with the tops I received. 4 out of the 5 shirts I will wear- so considering this cost me $25 +$9 shipping that is a great value!
I actually just placed another order for some bargain bags and a few other tees as I was sent a email there was a sale this week!

If you are interested in ordering any tops the website for Blood is the New Black is:

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  1. I am a little sad when I went into the site I see they only have xs and s in men's left. I hope they replenish soon because I would love to snag a bag.

    thanks for sharing with us