Sunday, August 4, 2013

Blood is the New Black BLIND BARGAIN BAG order #2 Womens mystery tops!

After my first order of mystery shirts from Blood is the New Black, I knew I would have to try again in hope of getting some tops with sleeves.
This time I was lucky and ended up getting one long sleeve shirt!, three sleeveless tops and one short sleeve top. A good variety overall.
I'm thinking I might have to order again just to get a good variety of tops. My shirt collection is very lacking and needs a huge update.

In case you did not know about bitnb and their "blind bargain bag"- it is a company that prints art from lesser known artists on shirts that are made in the US.
The bargain bag sells for $25 and you get 5 random tops in the size of your choice.
Tops can be from last season or this just never know!
The value is great as most tops sell for at least $20-50 each on their site!

Now onto the contents of my bag:

This time I was lucky and got a long sleeve top!


This is quite a nice shirt. The size is a bit big though as the label says size L unisex.
I did order the women's L size, still that is ok- it means I can put this top in the dryer as it is quite big!
The top is actually a nice cream colour, but that did not show up in the pic.
The image is of someone holding a record. I like this top and a couple of my friends really want this shirt- I am keeping it!

Sleeveless top, no print.
This is a sleeveless top!
The shade is more of a blueish/green and does not look as turquoise in person.
I really like this colour, it is great for summer or anytime.
The tag on this top just says "Soulcycle" and the product tags states Black/Standard , Made in the USA.
Not much else to add, please with this top :)

Bobby Whigham, Wobbly Weed

They did say that if you happen to order more than one bag you might get a repeat of an item.
Not really a top I'm crazy about as I do not like to wear imagery of canabis.
That is ok, I will find a use for this top and might have a try at adding some decorations of some kind.

By Dark Matter

This T is by Dark Matter in Los Angeles.I could not find any info on this shirt online when I searched and there was no name tags with this top.
I do like the design, it is different from other shirts I own.
Does anyone have an idea what the 74 degree symbol at the top righthand corner mean?
I'm sure people will ask me about this shirt and I will have to tell them I really have no idea....

Heather Gabel, Nocturnally Yours!

I actually got one top from this season!
What a surprise. It is not really a top I would have chosen for myself and I was not too sure how I would wear this yet.
I ended up wearing this w a American Apparel ballet tank top underneath and some black 3/4 leggings.
This is a good top for when it is really hot during the summer.
Quite a few people did ask me about this top and where I got it from.
I actually really like this top and will get a lot of use out of it!

So, this was my latest order from BITNB
I am quite pleased and will order again, hoping to get some short sleeve t's. Maybe I will get the guys size and have more luck?

If you want to order a Bargain Bag they can be bought at:

If you do order this, let me know what tops you get!

*In case you were wondering I purchased these tops with my own money!
(I would be thrilled if I did get these free though).

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