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Seasonsbox July 2013 review! "Interesting" choice of snacks...

Finally getting around to reviewing my box!
I have a one year subscription that I purchased as a gift to myself and I find I am not always so enthused about the contents of my Seasonsbox.
This month has a very unusual choice of snack and some fairly seasonal products.
As well, this is the first month I received the new packaging.
Apparently they are trying to use less packaging and decided to get rid of the lovely cardboard boxes and pretty ribbon.
I used to keep those to reuse for gifts and that was great. Now I am not about to keep the shipper box- it is just not the same.

Now on to my July Seasonsbox unboxing:

The first thing when I open my box was the infocard:

Seasonsbox July 2013 infocard!

Product details!

The next thing I saw after removing the crumpled brown paper that was under the infocard was:
Pocket Snack and Hair ties!

The Pura Vida hair ties or "bracelets" are really cute and useful.
They are made of elastic lace and have a small P charm for the logo attached to each tie. These are also handcrafted in Costa Rica and the company gives some of the proceeds to One Percent for the Planet and the Surfrider Foundation.
This is good to know and it is nice to see the proceeds from the hair ties benefit others.
The hair ties seem well made, I have not really used them yet,but will report back in a few weeks how they hold up!

The first snack in the box is Wild Mountain Pocket Snacks in Moon Beet.
This is a raw, live healthy snack made up of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and beets, carrots,raisins, local honey (local to the US company- not Canada) and seasoned with cinnamon,cloves and sea salt.
I was not too sure what to expect from this mixture. I like beets, but usually eat them fresh and not with seeds and cinnamon.
Some people online said this snack was terrible. I thought it was ok and am saving the rest to have family try it. To me the mix tasted like sunflower seeds and beets mostly and not as much of cinnamon. You can taste the sweetness of the honey.
This is not a snack I would go out of my way to try. Still it was interesting to try as I love trying new healthy snacks (or snacks in general).

How my Seasonsbox was packed!

Above is how the rest of my items looked when I removed the rest of the crumpled paper filler.
What a great presentation (not). If this was a gift, it would be totally disappointing to receive something like this.

The next item in the Seasonsbox is Bella Organics Dead Sea Mineral Mud Mask.
This is a product that comes from an Etsy store. There is not too much info on the packaging itself, but it does state the mask is Anti-Aging
Again this month the info card is incomplete. There is a small blurb about the mask and no "why we love it" or use info. Also the packaging does not have any info on how to use the product.
I have not tried this yet and will get around to it sometime soon.....

There was also a really great and seasonal skin cream in the box: made from Earth pure aloe vera skin treatment.
This is a full size jar too. I wanted to try this product a long time ago and am familiar with their website after seeing this brand on a few deal websites. 
Shipping to Canada was always quite prohibitive,so I never got around to placing an order.
I have not tried this cream yet and will do so this weekend!

The last snack in the box was the cutely named Nibnaks.
The name kind of reminds me of when kids mispronounce words like "pasgetti", "catsup"....or something like that.
From reading the description this sounds like the most exiting snack ever! The packaging is fun and eye catching- and this is a gluten free snack too!
I guess you are wondering what this smazing snack is.............................?

Dried fruits and nuts.
The version I received contained dried cranberries, almonds and another fruit I can not recall.
I did not eat this snack outright, but added it to some muffins I was making as I did not have any cranberries handy.
The fruit was fresh and tasty!

My overall impression of the July 2013 Seasonsbox:

I thought this box was fairly good with having some items that are very useful for the summer season.
The hair ties are handy any time and aloe is great after being outdoors all day. Clay masks are always useful to make your pores look smaller and I use one weekly.
The snacks were interesting and the raw beet snack is not something I had seen before,so it was nice to try that.

The only somewhat disappointing thing is the new packaging is not as pretty to open and it looks like the items were quickly thrown into a box.
Seasonsbox also needs to pay attention to the writing on their info cards. Again the writing is incomplete.
Having mistakes and omissions on the info card is not good two months in a row.
Let's hope that August's card will be complete and error-free.

Did you get the July Seasonsbox? What did you think of the products and snacks?

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