Friday, August 9, 2013

Blood is the New Black BLIND BARGAIN BAG order #3 Boyfriend Fit women's tees!

As soon as I saw there was a Blind Bargain Bag from Blood is the New Black that had only the boyfriend fit shirts I HAD to place an order.
Usually I like "bigger" shirts and liked almost all the designs in that style, so figured I would like whatever they sent.
Turns out I was right and I like 4 out of the 5 tops, but will wear them all.
One of the tops had a print that was a bit too scary for my liking and I will prob wear that shirt inside out as I like the cut and colour- you will have to read my review to find out what top that was!

As usual the BITNB shirts are made in the US and have a very soft thin cotton and are printed with imaged from lesser known artists!
I paid $25 for the bargain bag and shipping is an extra $9 (unless you spend $100 then shipping is FREE :).

These are the shirts I received:

Hello Nevermind by Bobby Whigham

This shirt alone makes the grab bag worth it!
I've always wanted a Hello Kitty shirt and just never got around to getting one- or any of the other characters I like.
I actually worked for someone that had a Sanrio store, but they did not carry any clothing then at their store.
This will be great for summer with the cheerful orange of the shirt!

Hobby Horse by Edward Cao

At first I was not too sure about this shirt- I liked it but only thought it was ok.
No specific reason really, well I guess I do not own any shirts that have animals on them...until now that is!
I wore this a couple days ago and no one commented on my shirt, much to my surprise.
Strangers have stopped to ask me about a couple of my other shirts though, so that was kind of surprising.

Creature Of The Night by Heather Gabel

I like this shirt!
Not too much else to add to this. I think I will wear this shirt often....
The artist who made the graphics for this top also happens to be Canadian!

Lifes A Grave by Brendan Donelly

This shirt is ok and kind of funny!
It happened to scare my aunt, but she is in her 60's and generally does not like things with skeletons on them.
I'm sure my friends will find this shirt funny though.

And now for the last top, the one that has a design I find a bit too creepy for my taste.
There is just too many eyes on this top.....and the wolf has too many eyes also.
But that is just my opinion.....

DEMONBABIES shirt. unsure of title.
I am not too sure what the title of this top is as it is no longer listed for sale online.
The fit of this top is really nice and I was looking for a plain black shirt. I think I will wear this top inside out as you can not see the design through it......thankfully.

That's it for my shirts!

Those are the shirts I received in my bargain bag. I am quite pleased and am very tempted to order a couple more as I do need some new shirts.
If you are interested in ordering a Blind Bargain Bag or some other shirts the website for Blood is the New Black can be found at:


  1. Love the hello kitty tshirt. I am curious since you have tried all three sets which do you prefer?

  2. I like the Boyfriend fit tees as they look really cute with the seam in the back and wider neck.
    But it is prob better to wear a tank top under them as the neck is pretty wide on those.

    But I also like how the men's med regular shirts fit as the collar is less open and the sleeves are a perfect length for me.

    The Boyfriend fit tees would also look cuter with leggings, while the men's med could be better to tuck into shorts or just with jeans or whatever.

    So I really have 2 styles I like best.