Saturday, August 3, 2013

Blood is the New Black BLIND BARGAIN BAG Mystery shirt order #1

I recently learned of this American company that creates shirts with designs by lesser known artists.
The shirts themselves are also made in the US and are a very nice soft cotton.
So many of the designs looked interesting to me and it was quite difficult to make up my mind.
Finally I decided to get the women's mystery package of shirts for $25.
That included 5 tops and it can be any style on their site.
I'm really hoping I do not get any tops with religious symbols or drug references, as those are things I do not wear. Guess I'll have to wait and see......

Here is what I got in my first order:

Bobby Whigham : "wobbly weed"

This sleeveless top is by Bobby Whigham and the top did not have a title sticker. But when I looked it up, the image was like the Wobbly Weed style on the site. The top listed now is yellow, they do not have this exact top now.
So far I've worn this around the house and will prob wear it under a top as I like the fabric and colour.
The cotton is super soft, but the openings on the side are a bit too large for my taste.
I might try and dye this sometime-not sure what colour though....

Keren Richter: "tiny tornado"

This tank top is by KEREN RICHTER and is titled  TINY TORNADO.
I really like this design- it is an abstract scene with a cute little tornado in the corner.
Another nice thing is the tank top is fairly long, so it can be worn many different ways!

Choppers and Sluts by The Uprising.

This is another sleeveless top. This one is titled "Choppers and Sluts" and is by The Uprising.
You can still get this top, but only in white.
One of my friends found this top really funny when I wore it out to a club night where he DJ's, but a family member (my mother) was extremely offended by this top.
I think the top is ok, I wore it with a cardigan as I usually do not wear sleeveless tops and it was cold out too!

Mel Kadel" "butterfly"

This green tank top is titled  BUTTERFLY and is by the artist MEL KADEL.
I like this design, it is very summery. The top part of the butterfly is made up of leaves and the bottom half is all flowers. This design is quite detailed!

Bryan Ray Turcotte: "skin jump"

The last tank top is by  BRYAN RAY TURCOTTE  and titled "SKIN JUMP".
I like the grey of the tank top. The guy on the top is kind of wonder what he is looking at?

Final thoughts....
Overall I am pleased with this order. The shipping was extremely fast to Canada and this showed up in my mailbox without and hassle.
I do kind of wish I had gotten a t-shirt or something with sleeves- but this is kind of the chance you take by buying a mystery bag. They do say you get 5 shirts and it can be any style. 
You do get to pick your clothing size, so that is great!
I think I will have to place another order in hope of getting different styles. The price is great at $25 for five items. Shipping adds another $9- unless you spend $100 then shipping is free.

If you are interested in picking up a Blind Bargain Bag you can find them here:

I have another order on the way and will update this as soon as I can.
Have you ordered any of these mystery shirts? What did you receive?

*Just wanted to add...I purchased these tops with my own money!


  1. This sounds really interesting. I have to admit I am a little curious about this. I might have to check them out. What did you think of the sizing?

  2. I really like the sizing of the women's Boyfriend Fit tees.
    But for some with a bit longer sleever the Men's Medium is better for me.
    I ordered a men's small first and the Euro fit tee I got is quite small for me.

    The material the shirts are made from is really thin and soft and seems naturally stretchy.
    I think I will avoid putting most of my tops in the dryer- unless they are too big that is.

    I find the women's sleeveless tops quite low cut on the sides, same w the women's tank tops- I prefer to wear a camisole under them.

    I think their size charts are very accurate.
    You might want to measure some of your shirts just to be sure you get the right size- since you can not return the mystery bags.