Thursday, August 22, 2013

Topbox July 2013 review!

Finally getting around to writing my Topbox review for July.
I got my tube quite late and was also quite behind in trying the new products.

This is what I received in the regular Topbox for July 2013.
I would rather get a surprise than know what brands I am getting. Not too sure I will do any of the themed boxes that you can chose from.
*That funny yellow and white thing, is my pen. The items would not stay without rolling around and the pen was used to keep the products from sliding.
(capsule pen is from Light in the


*Belvada Cosmetics: One Moment Essential Day Cream: sample size 8G, value $8/ full size 60ml, $60.
This cream looks really neat in the jar and is a clear gel base with some "gold" looking pearls suspended throughout the formula. This cream contains 24k gold flakes and pearl protein which the company says helps stimulate blood flow and give a healthy glow.
I have only used this cream a couple times, so nothing  too sure if it has done anything yet. The cream does feel nice and refreshing on my face, but it does not say if there is any assuming you need a separate sunscreen.
Also, the "pearls" are a bit hard to get out with your fingers, so a small spatula is helpful.
This is a neat product and I will use it up!
There is also not a very strong scent, so that is another plus.

KMS California:  ADD VOLUME volumizing spray: sample size 30ml spray bottle, value $2.50/ full size 200ml, $16.70.
I like a lot of the KMS hair products and usually buy some of their other hair gels and products.
Have not yet tried any of the volumizing products as I use either the curly like or Hairstay line.
You are supposed to use this gel before blow-drying your hair to see volume. I can not use a hair dryer right now, and only used this on damp hair- so did not really test out the volume part.
But the gel did tame my curly hair and left it manageable with some light hold. The gel was not heavy or sticky and I would buy this again!

*China Glaze nail laquer: FULL SIZE ITEM!!! 14ml bottle, value $8
The value on the card does say $10-12, but when I looked online for this polish, it was on sale for $7.00 (at Nail Polish polish is from the 2012 Summer Neons collection. When I did try this out on my toes the finish was quite matte. I have not used much from this brand, so not too sure how the finish on their other collections is. I do like the dark berry colour and think it would look much nicer with a top coat...unless you like the matte look!

*B Kamins: BB Cream: sample size 3g tube, value $3/ full size 50ml, $49.00
I really like how this sample is packaged and presented!
The BB cream came in a small tube- easy to reclose and enough for a few uses.
Also that the product came with an info card detailing the use, benefits and ingredients is very impressive.
I did not read that there was any sunscreen protection on the info card and am a bit surprised at this.
So far I found the BB cream blended in with my olive skin tone very well and had a very natural look.
I'll have to use up the rest of the sample and report back with any other findings.


Overall thoughts on the July 2013 Topbox:

I enjoyed the July Topbox and found there was a good mix of products for hair, skin and nails. The China Glaze polish is a very summery shade, but it would have been nicer to receive something from the 2013 seasons. If I look back through my pics on my computer I do see I received another neon from China Glaze in my Aug 2012 Topbox.
Here is the link to my full review:
June 2012 Topbox products

June 2012 Topbox infocard

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